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Chocolate: A Gift From God

Chocolate: A Gift from God

One of the fun things I (Jeff) got to do this summer was teach a Vacation Bible School class at Brussels Christian Center.

Antonella Costanza, the children’s pastor, asked me to teach the kids something about chocolate. After some thinking and praying, I felt the Lord gave me three reasons that God gave us chocolate. So it was fun to add a spiritual component to the class.

If you’re wondering, the three reason are:

#1: God gave us chocolate to enjoy. (Aren’t we thankful?)

#2: God gave us chocolate for our health. (Chocolate is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant foods – up there with blueberries.)

#3: God gave us chocolate for the economic benefit of those who live near the equator, the only geographic region in the world where the cacao tree can grow.

After sharing some fun facts about chocolate I passed out tasting cups with a Hershey’s Kiss and a disk of Belgian chocolate so the kids could taste compare between American and Belgian chocolate. Not sure why but I think that was their favorite part of the class!

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