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Three From South Bossier Baptist ‘Go With Me’

Three from South Bossier Baptist ‘Go With Me’

I hosted my second ‘Go With Me On Tour & On Mission’ in November with Helen, Ashley and Candy from South Bossier Baptist Their first missions outreach was with Breaking Chains Ministry in Antwerp.

Highlights of this Go With Me included:

  • The ladies went to Antwerp with Shawn Alderman, of Breaking Chains, a ministry which ministers to those involved in the sex trafficking industry. They took an afternoon walk in the city including in the red light district and then went to the ministry center where they cooked a meal for ladies coming in off the street. After the meal, they participated in a Bible study.
  • We met with Annayiz Goutier, the Belgian director of Students for Christ, an a ministry colleague of ours for more than a decade. Annayiz shared about her ministry, the challenges that Belgian students face and how God is working among university students.
  • This ‘Go With Me’ featured a trip to Paris. In addition to taking in a few sites on Saturday, the ladies taught Sunday School classes at The Bridge Paris, giving some of the teachers a break.
  • We’ve established several ‘Go With Me’ traditions, including visits Villers la Ville, a 1,000-year-oild abby, the Neuhaus seconds factory, the Grand Place and the Farm where we get fresh-baked bread and pastries.

Interested in learning about our 2020 ‘Go With Me’ trips? Find more information here.



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